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PVC vs. Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) vs. Polyurethane (PU) Hose

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How to Choose the Right Hose Material

When selecting a hose material for a particular application, it is important to consider its performance in the short-term and long-term. For example, the ideal material should accommodate the environmental and operating conditions (e.g. heat, extreme cold, etc.) now and in the future. Below we outline how PVC, TPR, and PU measure up in these capacities. We provide many PU products.

PVC Hose: The Good Option

PVC hoses are an economical option for general-purpose applications. They are typically used in ventilation, woodworking, and other operations that do not involve exposure to extreme temperatures, chemicals, UV radiation, or abrasive materials.


Polyurethane (PU) Hose: The Best Option

Compared to PVC and TPR hoses, PU hose serves as a superior solution for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. In addition to being the most versatile hose because of its manufacturing capabilities–Flexaust has the ability to manufacture five wall thickness and static dissipative hose versions–PU hoses have great abrasion and chemical resistance, higher tear strength, better vacuum and pressure ratings, and good flexibility in low temperatures.


Common Applications of the PVC, TPR, and PU Hoses at Flexaust

Our hoses are suitable for many industrial and commercial applications. Below we outline some of the operations in which our hoses are regularly utilized for and which PVC, TPR, and PU hoses are viable options.

5 Main Uses of Plastic Reels

The plastic reel made at Anderson Forest Products are lightweight and durable packing alternative to wooden and plywood reels. The top five industries that use plastic reels are:

Industrial and residential wire manufacturers

Low-voltage outdoor wire manufacturers

Telecommunications manufacturers

Ribbon and tape manufacturers

Monofilament manufacturers

The plastic reels we produce consist of plastic flanges and either paper or plastic cores. The flange diameter can range from 6 ?” to 24”. The spiral-wound paper cores we use are produced in-house, so we can make sure the wall thickness is adequate for the customers’ needs. We have the capacity to produce paper cores from 1.5” to 14” in diameter with wall thickness from 1/10” to 5/8”. The high quality of these paper tubes makes our plastic reels a strong but lightweight alternative to wooden or plywood reels.


PU sheet is a pure white, soft, and flexible synthetic sponge with a mechanical strength and abrasion resistance equivalent or even superior to other sponge materials. Our study indicates that the blood absorption power of the polyurethane sheet is equivalent to that of the cotton gauze even after repeated use, and it has the potential to decrease the total amount of sponge usage. Further, accurately identifying the bleeding point might be easier with the polyurethane sheet.


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