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Difference Between CD Duplication and CD Replication

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When you first hear the words duplicate and replicate, can you think of any differences between the two? For most people, one word seems to be synonymous with the other, but this is not the case at all when you talk about CD duplication and CD replication.

In simple terms, CD duplication is the process that most computer owners use for their data or music files. With CD duplication, the information is burned onto a disk. What you need to have for this, is a software and a CD burner that will allow you to automatically burn the information onto a CD, and if you want to have several copies of disks containing the same data, the information needs to be burned again. That is practically how the process of CD duplication works.

CD replication, on the other hand, can be referred to as ‘professional CD burning’. Instead of burning the data onto each individual CD, a process is followed whereby the CD is molded to be an exact copy of the original ‘master copy’. This is the process used to produce the CDs sold on the market ‘“ because, just imagine how tedious it would be if the songs on the thousands of CDs released needed to be burned individually.

So, what are the other key differences between CD duplication and CD replication? CD duplication is more appropriate for personal use. It is actually inexpensive, and convenient for individuals who have computers at home. CD replication is more appropriate for commercial use, and the professional process of inputting the data onto the disk is a more reliable one. CD replication also offers a quicker, more convenient and high-quality way of replicating the data or songs from the master copy to individual disks.


We offer a fast and friendly trade CD, DVD Duplication and CD, DVD Replication centers directly to business. We can handle any quantity of CD, DVD Duplication and CD, DVD Replication, no matter how large or small and offer FREE ASSEMBLY and PACKING. Our aim is to take the pressure off you and deliver on time, every time, with the quality you will be proud of.

Full color 'On Body' printing is available on all quantities ensuring that your CD-ROM or DVD looks as good as it performs, and as you'd expect we provide an impressive range of packaging options.
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In the CD and DVD duplication process blank recordable compact discs (CD-R) are used. A burner or duplication is used to copy your data onto the blank CD-R. A CD-R or DVD-R with a printed label looks virtually identical to a replicated disc but with one difference - blank replicated DVD contains an additional element. They possess a laser-sensitive dye that allows the DVD to be "burned" with the video or data from your computer or DVD recorder.

The CD and DVD duplication processes are perfect for quick turn around and small run capability or for instances when the disc needs to be writable. We use professional quality CD-Rs and can produce tens of thousands of burned and printed CDs in a matter of days. After the accomplishment of the CD work, CD stickers are pasted on CD to give a final look and then finally packed in plastic sleeve for saving it from scratches. The Whole procedure is economical and within budget and time saving than duplication.


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