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Balloon Inflator Pumps: The Definitive Guide to Choosing and Using them.

2021-09-03 12:43   Үл хөдлөх зарна   Баян-Өлгий   2 views

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This article will present the definitive guide to choosing and using balloon inflators as you prepare to create your next masterpiece balloon decoration.


Inflating balloons can be a tiresome activity if you are inflating more than two balloons with air from your lungs. Fortunately, manual balloon pumps and electric balloon inflators make this process a breeze.


The Old Way of Inflating Balloons

So you are having an event, maybe a party and you want to decorate using balloons. As you consider inflating tens of balloons with your lungs, you may be dreading the consequences: sore cheeks, painful jaws, tired arms, aching lungs, and chest, just to name a few. The old method required time, people, patience, and determination.


The solution to the problem of inflation

A solution to your problem is here. Thankfully it is the dawn of a new era; balloon inflators have now become extraordinarily cost-effective and accessible to the DIY person or balloon decorator. These devices exponentially reduce the time and effort required to inflate a large number of balloons. It takes approximately 10 pumps on a double-action balloon pump to fully inflate a balloon and about 3 seconds to do the same using an electric balloon pump. So now, you are free to create your balloon arches, garlands, stands, centerpieces, and backdrops for your special events.


What is a Balloon Pump?

A balloon pump or inflator is a device that makes filling balloons with air faster and more efficient. Balloon Pumps are either manually or electric balloon pump. A balloon pump is designed with a special nozzle that can securely hold the balloon in place during inflation.


Types of Balloon Pumps

There are various types of balloon pumps, they are primarily separated into manual and electrically operated pumps:


Manual Hand-operated Balloon Pump/Inflator

A manual hand inflator is a cylindrical device with a handle connected to a shaft. The shaft is attached to a disc that extends to the edges of the tubular body of the pump.  The pump is operated by using the handle to force air through the connected nozzle. There are two additional categories of manual inflators:


Single Actions Balloon Pump

A single-action balloon inflator will only push air through the nozzle into the balloon on the forward stroke. The reverse stroke will refill the pump with air. This is great for a small number of balloons.


Dual or Double Action Balloon Pump

A Double action manual balloon pump can inflate a balloon on both the forward and reverse stroke. Making the process twice as efficient for the same amount of energy you put out. This is great for inflating an average number of balloons for a small event.


Electric Balloon Pump(AC air pumpDC air pump)

An electrically operated balloon pump uses a motorized pump to quickly send high volumes of air through its nozzle to fill the balloons. They deliver significantly more air in a shorter time when compared to a manual pump with practically no effort. Many are even outfitted with as many as four nozzles to support the inflation of multiple balloons at once. This is great for a large number of balloons and a big event.


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